1. Protocol: https

The scheme specifies the protocol that will be used to access the Internet resource. It might be HTTP (non-SSL) or HTTPS (with SSL).

There are other schemes you might see mailto:// and ftp://.

  • mailto:// can assist you write an email to the email address you entered in the URL by opening your computer’s default email service provider.
  • ftp:// is a commonly used protocol for transmitting computer files over a network between a client and a server.

2. Subdomain: www

Subdomains also categorise your website’s primary content categories, indicating to Google and your visitors that your site has more information than just a homepage.

3. Domain Name: codepremix

The name of your website is your second-level domain (SLD). It informs users that they are on the website of a certain business.

4. Top-level Domain: com

The top-level domain (TLD) identifies the sort of entity your company is on the internet.

5. Path: /contact

The path specifies the resource on the host the web client want to access.

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